Welcome to my blog. Here I will share everything I know about lifting that I’ve learned through experience, everything I talk about I have tried and proved works, for me. However, lifting is not dogmatic, no one program works optimally for everybody. There is general advice that works for beginners and early intermediates, and general rules that hold true, but in the end, you have to figure out what works best for you, by hearing other people’s ideas and experience and trying it for yourself. This blog is where I’ll share my ideas and experience.

I’m no expert but I have a solid physique, a growing 1255 total (425 squat 285 bench 545 deadlift) at 200 lbs bodyweight, some would consider me advanced, others would consider me a beginner, I’d consider myself intermediate. I still haven’t tried everything there is out there but I’ve given many programs, diets, movements, and ideas a solid run, and I’ve established a method of training that works for me. I’ve also trained a lot of beginners to an early intermediate level, and I’m writing an all inclusive beginner’s book to diet and weight training to give new lifters an opportunity to stop jumping from BS program to BS program.

IMG_1450[1]IMG_1452[1] IMG_1447[1]

More pictures coming when I get lean again, it’s bulking season!

This is my first post on my first blog, just to get the ball rolling. Look forward to seeing more content coming out, especially this summer.


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