Addiction to Train

We all know that the key to results in the gym is to be consistent. But how do you stay consistent? There’s a few different ways, one of them is good old fashioned hard discipline, the ability to decide that this is the way things are and this is the way things have to be or you would rather die. That got me through training for a while. But what got me into training in the first place? The fun of it, the fun of quick progress. When progress slows down we see it all around us, people dropping off the ladder only to wonder years later what happened, how was I so great, but can’t start up again. That has happened with many of my past hobbies, skateboarding, guitar. But thankfully I’m addicted enough to being big that I can never stop lifting. Still, at times, getting to the gym is a drag. I was addicted to the result, so I forced myself to stay in the game, a little bit of discipline required for me to barely wing it, but the key to being the most successful lifter, or anything, possible, is to be addicted to the process.

It’s a common phrase that it is not the destination that counts, but rather the journey. That couldn’t be more true. Everybody wants to make a million dollars, everybody wants to have this, everybody wants to have that, but many people set goals they never will or can achieve. That’s because they don’t enjoy the process of getting there. Anything that is worth wanting or having requires work, and you can’t just love the result, or everybody would be jacked, dating hot women, and have millions of dollars, flashy cars, and big houses. You have to love the process. You have to love the work. You can’t just be addicted to being big or you will slave away until your discipline runs out, unless you’re a superhuman master of discipline, but you’ll still be miserable forcing yourself to do it. You have to be addicted to training.

Of course, we all have seasons in life, sometimes lifting just isn’t your priority, and that’s fine, you can put it on the backburner for a bit, let discipline take over. But spring is coming around and it’s no coincidence more people are in the gym. A few people are there because they want to look good for summer, but with spring we are reborn, our motivation comes back, our energy is higher, and we really begin to hit the weights hard. And with that we discover new heights of the lifter’s buzz, the lifters high. We experience that euphoria we can only get by pushing the body till it is drenched with sweat and engorged with blood, where it burns of lactic acid, where the pump in our muscles feels like our skin is going to rip and we can hardly take our shirts off, if at all. If you feel this year round then great, you didn’t need to remind yourself because you’re already addicted to training, you already know what it feels like. But for my fellow readers who are switching lifting from the backburner to the main course, here’s what’s going on, here’s what you need to do.

I took last week off from training because I had my wisdom teeth removed, and two workouts in, I realize what got me into lifting in the first place, on a grander scale. The physical push gives a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction that nothing else can bring. No drug, no feel good quick scheme, no bullshit. It’s 100% real, 100% natural, 100% blood and sweat. Find your addiction to training, enjoy the moment, fill yourself with vitality and positive energy that nothing but the barbell can bring you. Get in the gym and train your ass off!